Technical Service Bulletins et Rappels

1990 Dodge Caravan V6-181 3.0L SOHC.

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Bulletins for 1990 Dodge Truck Caravan V6-181 3.0L SOHC
Chrysler Voyager, Town&Country, Plymouth Voyager

Campagnes de Rappel au niveau Sécurité "Safety Recalls "
640    SEP 95   Campaign - Liftgate Latch
95I001003 MAR 95Recall 95I001003: Liftgate Latch Defect
95I001007 MAR 95Recall 95I001007: Liftgate Latch Defect
314TJUN 91Recall - Front Seat Belts

Emissions Recalls

286T   MAY 90   Recall - VECI Label Replacement

General Recalls

281T DEC 89 A/T Oil Cooler Bypass Valve 
08-006-00A DEC 00 Wiring - Revised Splicing Procedure

Service Bulletins

08-006-00A DEC 00Wiring - Revised Splicing Procedure

23-008-00B NOV 00Child Seat - Tether Anchor Part Numbers & Labor Time

23-35-99A OCT 99Child Seat Tether Anchor - Labor/Parts Identification

21-05-99A SEP 99A/T Pan Gasket - Reusable Design/Installation

08-23-99JUL 99Radio Communication Equipment - Recommendations

21-06-99APR 99Speed Sensor - Intermittent Loss of Cruise Control

21-04-99FEB 99Transmission Range Sensor - Production Change

08-36-98JUL 98Auto Computers - Y2K Effects

21-07-98APR 98A/T - 41TE/AE 42LE Delayed Gear Engagement

21-09-97MAY 9741TE/42LE Transmission - Service Information

07-03-97MAY 97Engine - Coolant Recommendations

21-05-97MAR 97A/T - 41TE/42LE Shudder During EMCC Shift

18-09-97FEB 97Converter Clutch - Vehicle Shudder on Lock Up

23-03-97FEB 97Black Plastic Body Components - Chalky Residue

18-05-97FEB 97Engine - Driveway Die Out/Rough Idle/Low Power

211096 JUL 96A/T - Ratcheting Sound When Coming To Stop

210996 JUN 96A/T - Clutch Volume Index QuIck Learn

210696 APR 96A/T - Slips In Reverse At Low Temperature

ATRATB367 JAN 96A/T - 41TE (A604) Neutral Safety Switch/No Start

ATRATB320 JAN 96A/T - 41TE (A604) Solenoid Body Electrical Check

ATRATB326 JAN 96A/T - 41TE/42LE Bind-Up In Reverse

ATRATB347 JAN 96A/T - 41TE/42LE DTC 41, 42, 43, or 44/Solenoid Circuit

092095 DEC 95Engine - Crankshaft Identification

081695A OCT 95Speed Control - Adaptive Strategy

211795 SEP 95A/T - 31TH, Harsh 2-3 Upshifts/3-2 Gear Kickdown

210695A JUN 95A/T - Shudder/Bumps/Slippage

182495 JUN 95A/T - Poor Shift Quality

082295 MAY 95Radio Transmitters - Installation

180795A MAR 95A/T - Harsh Transaxle Shift

240195A MAR 95A/C - R-12 to R-134a Conversion Procedure

180795 FEB 95A/T - Harsh Transaxle Shifts

212794 FEB 95Manual Transaxle - Locked in Neutral or Reverse

240395 JAN 95A/C System - Poor Cooling Performance

ATRATB217A JAN 95A/T - Electrical Harness Repair Parts

ATRATB315 JAN 95A/T - Improper 4-3 and 3-4 Shifts

ATRATB306 JAN 95A/T - Neutral-Safety And PRNODL Switch Check

ATRATB311 JAN 95A/T - Overdrive Reverse Piston Interchanges

ATRATB318 JAN 95A/T - Underdrive Clutch Piston Outer Lip Seal Change

260494 OCT 94Diagnostic Manual Catolog

091794 OCT 94Engine - Oil Leak Diagnosis

141794 SEP 94Fuel Pump - Filter Plugging

241194 JUL 94A/C, Heater - Temperature Lever Difficult to Move

210994 JUN 94M/T - Shifter Squeak When Shifting

081194 FEB 94Electrical Connectors - Cleaning Precautions

214093 JAN 94A/T Transfer Gear - Whine or Whistle Type Noise

ATRATB205 JAN 94A/T - Chatter During Engagement or Shifts

ATRATB231 JAN 94A/T - Circuit Leaks, Low/Reverse Accumulator Cover

ATRATB236 JAN 94A/T - Engine Speed Sensing Problems

ATRATB217 JAN 94A/T - Intermittent Limp-In/Fault Codes

ATRATB249 JAN 94A/T - Snap Ring Locations

213793 DEC 93A/T - Harsh 1-2/2-3 Upshifts & 3-2 Kickdown

211693A OCT 93A/T - 41TE Harsh 2nd - 1st Gear Downshift

ATRATB191 OCT 93A/T - Failsafe Modes

212493 SEP 93M/T - Vent Oil Leak

ATRATB177 JUL 93A/T - A604 Snap Ring Breakage

233793 JUN 93Stone Guard - Paint Repair

220193A JUN 93Aluminum Wheel Cap - Falls Off/Missing

232993 JUN 93Window Regulator - Inoperative

232393 APR 93Liftgate - Creaking When Closing

180493 APR 93Throttle Body - Intermittent Power Loss

210993 MAR 93Automatic Transmission - Gear Selection Revised

081293 MAR 93Starter Replacement - Information Only

140393 MAR 93Fuel Pump & Filter - Replacement Information

230693 FEB 93Sliding Door Center Hinge Roller - May Exit the Track

230193 FEB 93Dash Panel - Cracking Noise

110193 FEB 93Exhaust Flex Joint - Squeaking Noise

091892A JAN 93Engine - Smoky Exhaust/Oil Consumption

182192 DEC 92ECM - Rough Idle/Sag on Initial Launch

ATRATB147 DEC 92A/T - A604 Accumulator Installation Problems

ATRATB146 DEC 92A/T - A604 Diagnostic Trouble Codes

020892 NOV 92Front Shock Tower - Metal Screws/Bolts Precautions

211692 NOV 92A/T - 41TE Harsh 2-1 Gear Downshift

232692 OCT 92Windshield Washer Nozzle - Freezes Up

ATRATB132 SEP 92A/T - Intermittent Electrical Problems

241192 AUG 92A/C Refrigerant - Substitutes and Compatibility

060292 JUN 92Clutch Pedal - Clicking/Popping Noise

090292A MAY 92PCM - Engine Knock on Acceleration

ATRATB106 APR 92A/T - A604 Updated Input Assembly

090192 JAN 92Engine Mount - Clicking/Snapping or Clunking Noise

231491 NOV 91Seat Belt Anti-Rotation Tab - Modification

ATRATB078 NOV 91A/T - How To Use A Pressure Gauge

081491 OCT 9150-Way Connector - Stripped Screw Repair

050791 OCT 91ABS - Dual Function Pressure Switch Availability

081091 SEP 91Speedometer/Cruise Control - Fluctuates/Disengages

181191 AUG 91ECM - Engine Die Out at Low Speeds

210191A JUL 91A/T - A604 Intermittent Back-Up Lamps ON In Overdrive

080991 JUL 91Air Bags - Scheduled Inspection/Maintenance

210991 JUN 91A/T - A604 Transfer Gear Whine Noise

080791 MAY 91Wiring - Repair Instruction Sheets

140291 MAY 91Electric Fuel Pump - High Frequency Whine

080591 APR 91Trailer Tow Wiring/Components - Installation Cautions

210591 FEB 91A-604 A/T - Diagnostic Procedure

180191 FEB 91Fuel Injector - Rough Idle/Long Crank Time

230291 FEB 91Paint - Variance Program

210291 JAN 91A/T - A604 Transaxle Fluid Burping From Fill Tube

212590A DEC 90A/T - A604 Low Temperature Transmission Failure

070390 DEC 90Engine Coolant - Recycling Recommendations

110190A DEC 90Exhaust Flex Joint - Squeaking

212490 DEC 90A/T - A604 OD/Reverse Clutch Failures

212290 NOV 90A/T - A604 1-2 Gear Upshift Shudder

020790 NOV 90Rear Wheel Alignment - Uneven Tire Wear

ATRATB028 OCT 90A/T - Engine Vacuum Testing

081690 SEP 90A604 EATX - Wiring Repair Package

231190 SEP 90Paint - Evironmental Damage

182490 AUG 90Condenser Fan Harness - Die Out With A/C ON/DTC'S Set

MEMO082790 AUG 90Service Bulletin Format Has Been Revised

MEMO82790 AUG 90Service Bulletin Format Revised

MEMO0890AUG 90California Emissions Control System Warranty Booklet

090290 JUN 90Engine - Intermittent Valve Train Noise

211690 JUN 90A-604 A/T Oil Cooler - Flushing & Flow Testing

ATRATB9001001  MAY 90A/T - A604 Electrical Solenoid Diagnosis

210990A APR 90A-604 A/T - Clutch Slippage or Shift Bump

211290 APR 90A/T - A604 Excessive Upshifting/Downshifting

181490 APR 90Diagnostic Test Procedure - Manual Revisions

181190 MAR 90Flooded Engine - Service Precautions

210790 FEB 90A/T - A604 Intermittent Engagement or Limp In Mode

180290 FEB 90Converter Lock Up Solenoid - Bucking/Surging

180690 FEB 90Fuel Injection - Diagnostic Procedure Revision

210290 FEB 90Gearshift Knob - Pulls Off When Shifting

210490 FEB 90M/T - Oil Leaking From Vent

ATRATB9002006  FEB 90A/T - Choosing the Right ATF

070190 JAN 90Bumper Fascia - Causing Engine Overheating

180390 JAN 90MAP Sensor - DTC's 13 or 14 Set

091889 DEC 89Engine - Oil Fill Capacity Revision

181189A DEC 89Fuel Injectors - Long Crank Time to Start

262989 NOV 89Body Code - Descriptions & Tables Use

232489 OCT 89Paint - Codes/Applications/Cross References

262389 OCT 89Vehicle Identification Number - Decoder

ATRATB8930 OCT 89A/T - Math Part II

110289 SEP 89Exhaust System - Drone At 40-55 MPH

ATRATB8927 SEP 89A/T - Twenty Steps To Successful Repairs

232189 AUG 89Rear Seat Shoulder Belt - Retrofit Kits

ATRATB8923 AUG 89A/T - Math Formulas Part I

ATRATB8754 SEP 87A/T - Front Bushing Wear

ATRATB8748 AUG 87A/T - Slipping or No-Shift/Metal Sealing Rings